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Brushwood Brook Studio

This timber framed and stone country home in Yallingup rural required an extension to house a photographic studio. As the house is south facing, the client requested a verandah on the north side of the extension to provide a sunny seating area.

Although the size of the extension is only 60 sqm, the structure is not simple as it needed to harmonize with the existing house which has segregated areas of high pitched roofs and cedar cladding. Therefore the new extension was treated as a separate pavilion, but linked to the main house with a walkway.  This concept allowed the existing roof shape to maintain its character, and it reduced the impact on the existing structure during construction. 

The small balcony hidden behind the bows of the maple tree gives this utilitarian space a romantic touch which is evident throughout the house (see the Romeo and Juliet balcony off the existing main bedroom). 

Scyon Linea was used for the weatherboarding and Jarrah Bushpoles as verandah posts,  (BAL 19). In the studio the high ceiling is a raked timber T&G to optomize the roof space created by the 40 degree slope, while still allowing the inclusion of recessed lighting and a hidden screen.


Date of completion - 2016

Building Contractor - Mike Valmadre

Structural Engineer - Roger Pateman