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House designed for Margaret River clients

Margaret River - Design Your Dream Space

When I was working as an architect in Ireland I used to get of the train and walk home in the dark often pausing at the off-license to pick up cosy bottle of red wine, usually from the Margaret River Region. Now a few years later I am living at the source of that delicious wine and designing homes beside the vineyards of Margaret River!

For a tourist Margaret River has many attractions - beautiful forests, interesting art, mind blowing cellar doors and world famous beaches. Fortunately for me, I have easy access to all of these and so it is a privilege to live and design buildings here. Although it hasn't always been my home, it is now home to me - and the changing seasons are always a wonder as I consider the landscape of a client's future home. Whether it is a brand new architectural masterpiece I am designing in a rural setting or adding to an existing home in the Margaret River village, I am passionate about architecture and the landscape of the Margaret River region.

The Margaret River/Augusta Council has guidelines which are very helpful, however the skills of an architect or experienced building designer are essential to ensure your completed building project meets these guidelines as well as enhances the value of the landscape. As there will always be planning and environmental constraints, it is important to discuss these challenges early on in the project with your architect or building designer so that a designed solution can be achieved, rather than just a construction result. Your budget and your lifestyle are the priorities which need to be at the forefront of your professional team's mind in addressing all building challenges. Your designer's understanding of sculpture and artistry is essential to ensure the canvas of your home is heartwarming, uplifting and valuable - your dream space!