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Wildwood Barn Conversion

This 7.5 x 12m Shed was used for storing farm equipment for many years until the new owners required additional accommodation for workers. It was constructed of colourbond and steel on a concrete slab with no insulation, roller shutter or services.

The new plan consists of a central living space/kitchen with three bedrooms leading off it. A bathroom and toliet are located at the rear with a stair up to loft storage. A new verandah was erected along the length. 

An insulated stud wall was added to the interior including a thermalbreak to ensure condensation run off. A cathedral ceiling shape was maintained in the loft, but a flat ceiling installed over the bedrooms.

New services including a wood fire and provision for reversse cycle airconditioning were installed.

Date of Completion - 2015

Building Contractor - Will Hedge at WACO Constructions

Structural Engineer - Roger Pateman