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I graduated as an architect in South Africa, completed a masters in building and urban conservation in Ireland, and am now a designing houses in the beautiful landscape of Yallingup.

For me it a privilege to design buildings here as it holds a nostalgic magic for me as I drive through the green sheep peppered hills, crunch along gravelly paths beneath the red gums or cool off in the invigorating waves. Vineyards, beaches and bush are always 'home' to me. Known as a 'place of love' Yallingup calls us to linger and love and make it home. So if you have decided to make Yallingup your home I would love to help you create it. Whether it is a brand new architectural masterpiece you need, or just another room extension for the kids or grandkids, I am able to help you achieve your dream space.

Yallingup is known as a special character area so the City of Busselton has guidelines which can be challenging to meet, and there is also the high BAL ratings that come with living in the bush that must be addressed in the architecture. These challenges can be overcome with the skills of an architect or experienced building designer, and having a local professional in your design team is essential to ensure these issues are solved early in the design of your project. Living in a rural setting like Yallingup is romantic, but certain services are limited, so understanding these restrictions early on in will assist you to plan your project within your budget. This is one of the first things to be discussed and discovered with your architect or building designer to ensure your building complex enhances the beauty of Yallingup thereby adding value to your property, and pleasure to your lifestyle.